Joel Guzman & Sarah Fox

Event Name:  Joel Guzman & Sarah Fox
Location:  CAC's Frank Mayborn Auditorium
Date:  Nov 9, 2013
Time:  7:30 PM | Version 4.1 | Premium Package | Pages: 142 of 10000 | Storage: 136.32 MB of 500 MB | Logged in as Byron Lovelace (Edit)
Joel Guzman & Sarah Fox - November 9


Joel Guzman & Sarah Fox 
Joel Guzman and Sarah Fox are an innovative team with the ability to fuse various genres into their performances, and you'll get to hear this Grammy award winning couple together on this evening.

Guzman is a specialist when it comes to conjunto music. Though his family have been Americans living in the United States for several generations, he considers himself a traditionalist. His music ranges from traditional northern Mexican ensembles to Tejano tunes, the tropical sounds of cumbia and salsa, and even country and jazz. Guzman notes the range of conjunto and his desire to keep it fresh while keeping the essence purely conjunto.

The other half of the team is his wife, the incredible Sarah Fox.  Fox is an awesome and gifted vocal talent with bi-lingual singing abilities. On songs like  “Cumbia Mundial,” “Isla,” or “Sangre Azteca,” Fox’s vocals sets you at ease like you’re cruising on a sunny afternoon lulling you into a state of obliviousness to traffic jams on the freeways leading to downtown Los Angeles. On songs such as “Pray for Peace”  from their Latinology bag, Fox pulls out the deep, blue,  blues, and if you listen to a few seconds of this one, you might think her vocals were recorded in some juke joint on the border of east Texas and Louisiana. It’s a slow tempo groove, brimming with soul.
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