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Frequently Asked Questions

Masks are no longer required but are strongly encouraged for those who are vulnerable to viruses and when seated in the auditorium.  In response to federal, state and local guidelines, the policy for masks has been updated to encourage people to wear masks if unable to observe social distancing.   Thank you for your patience as we maneuver through these trying times.   On occasion we have artists performing who request that all patrons wear a mask while attending that specific event.  

What are normal hours of operation? 
The CAC office is usually open Monday – Friday 8:30 to 4:00. The box office will open one hour prior to doors opening on performance dates. Check the SHOW page for performance times. Galleries are open during normal office hours, and most weekends if events have the building open for other reasons.  Call during the week to determine if the galleries will be open on Saturday and Sunday.


What are the ticketing options at The CAC? 
While most shows are reserved seating, the Cultural Activities Center reserves the right to alter seating to social distancing seating arrangements without notice if the number of cases in the service area appear to increase the risk of infection.  At this time, the CAC is allowed to be at 100% capacity and will honor seating reservations for designated seats.   Most of the shows have additional seats available to allow for patrons to observe some degree of social distancing when seated if the auditorium if they choose to do so.

Where can I buy tickets? 
Advanced tickets can be purchased through the website or by calling 254.773.9926. If tickets still remain, they can be purchased at the door the night of the show. The box office opens one hour prior to the door opening.

How do I get my tickets?
Tickets are emailed to you to the email address on file. Paperless tickets are acceptable by showing them on your smart phone. We are always willing to reprint your tickets if needed.


I already purchased tickets and have a question, who can I contact? 
Please email or call the administrative office during business hours with your ticketing question. Request for refunds or exchanges will be denied as all ticket sales are final.


When is your box office open? 
Monday – Friday 8:30 AM to 4:00 PM and one hour prior to doors opening. Tickets for shows that are not sold out are available for purchase at the door on the evening of the show. Tickets are available for purchase at the On Stage page.


Where do I park and how much does it cost? 
Parking is always free. Lots can be found on the west side  of the facility and the north side lot that adjoins the Mayborn Convention Center.


How can I retrieve something I lost, left, or forgot?
Please contact us with a brief description or come by during normal hours of operation to see if it has been turned in. 


Does the CAC have a bar? 
There is no bar at the CAC. For some events, including the Texas Music Series, we have contracted professional full cash bar service. Beverages are only offered before the performance and during intermission. Outside alcohol is not permitted.


Does the CAC have a restaurant or cafe? 
No. For some events, we contract with local food trucks to be on site. For many events we have snacks, water, and soft drinks for sale. Everything is $1 at the CAC snack bar.


Do you have any age restrictions? 

Each show will have its own age policy, but generally those 17 and under need to be accompanied by a parent or guardian.


What if I am late?
If you are late to a performance, please don’t disrupt the performer or audience in the middle of a song. Please wait to be seated until the next appropriate song break.


What is the concert etiquette policy? 
We want everyone to be relaxed and have a great experience. Our shows consist of classical, rock, and singer songwriters, so the norms may change per show. Some performances are more relaxed and encourage audience participation while others are more formal.


What is your video/camera/recording policy? 
The recording policy is set by each artist. Most touring artists have restrictions that do not allow for any type of recording device during a show. Please email prior to the show to get the specific performers policy.


My dog really likes the band. Can I bring him?
Service animals are always welcome; your pet dog, cat, chicken, goldfish, mini goat, and horse are not.


How does the CAC handle booking? 
For an artist to be considered for booking, their resume or credentials should be submitted by emailing To rent the theater for a private event, please contact


Does the CAC have an ATM on site? 

No. The CAC does not have an ATM on-site and many artists only accept cash for merchandise. 


Can I smoke or vape inside the CAC?

No. The CAC is a tobacco free/vape free venue.

Do I need security for my event?

If your event includes minors and/or if you serve any alcohol during your planned event,
you must have security guards from the moment your guests arrive until your guests
leave. The CAC requires that the security personnel be uniformed officers from the Bell
County Sheriff’s office or the Temple Police Department. The lessee is responsible for
the acts and omissions of their attendees and security is here to assist in making your
event a safe event for all concerned.
Security for this event is required at the renter’s expense. The number of officers will
vary based on the nature of the event with a minimum of two (2) and will be determined
by the Bell County Sheriff’s office. The Bell County Sheriff’s office currently requires
three (3) officers for all Quinceañeras.

May I decorate the room?
You may decorate the tables, but nothing should be hung on the walls.  Specifically, you
may not use any adhesive tape other than gaff tape or your deposit may not be
returned.  If using a rental company for your decorations scheme, please make sure
that they are aware of the agreement that you will sign before planning your execution
of your decorations and theme.   The agreement outlines specific requirements to
address safety concerns and the maintenance of the facility.  Additional lighting
packages are available subject to additional fees.   

Do I have access to the entire building?
You and your guests are only allowed in the room you have rented and the common
areas of the Main Lobby and the Baylor Scott & White Foyer.  Frequently, the CAC has
multiple events occurring at the same time and we ask that lessees respect the use of
the facility for all guests and courteously use the public areas only as needed during an

Do I need insurance?
You need to obtain a minimum of $300,000 coverage rider either through your
Homeowners Insurance or through a Personal Liability policy for the date of your event.

Is there a kitchen available?
Both Strasburger Hall and Wendland Hall have a full kitchen. The Education Room has
a kitchenette.  Please note that the kitchen does not includes utensils, trays or pans for
lessees. You or your caterer will need to be fully prepared to accommodate your
preparation and service of your food and beverages.

What is my responsibility when leaving the CAC at the end of my event?
You will need to vacate the leased space including clean-up and removal of any
decorations by the end of the timeframe of your rental.   All trash should be removed or
disposed of in appropriate bins.   If kitchens were used, all surfaces should be wiped
clean including the stovetop and any spills on the floor.  If renting Strasburger Hall, you should be sure that the restrooms and dressing areas are neat and not littered with trash or food. 

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