Future Exhibits 

Galleries remain during CAC's Temporary Closure
2/21/20 through 3/23/20

Opening Reception Feb. 28

Howard Gallery -- Angela Mowery, Karen Burges, Katie Salter, Jutta Mack, Captain Rob, Dixie Rhoades, Captain Rob  sub mixed media

Saulsbury  Gallery --  Jane Dunnewold Quilting inspired by the Masters

McCreary Gallery  -- Berlin Wall photography + Sternberg photography and paintings

Carabasi Gift Shop Open 

Postponed due to CAC's  Temporary Closure
ArtWorks 2020, Opening April 6th 
Packet for Teachers

5/26/20 through July 3, 2020

Reception date: 5/29/20
Howard Gallery -- Roger Sadler Retrospective Exhibition --Hershall Seals curating

Saulsbury Gallery -- Roger Sadler exhibition (continued)

McCreary -- Central Texas Art League

7/10/20 through 8/24/20
Howard Gallery Glass exhibit -- Invitational Hershall Seals curating

Saulsbury TBA 

McCreary TBA 


If you are an artist and would like to be considered for an exhibition, please send your resume or bio, artist's statement, and a few images of your work or link to your portfolio to the visual arts director at mbpearson@cacarts.org. Our exhibits committee meets annually to review submissions.