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Beginner Drawing, Acrylic & Watercolor Classes with
Stacy Triefenbach

Instructor:  Stacy Triefenbach
Date: 5 sessions once a week on either Tuesday Wednesdays or Thursdays
Time: Various sessions
Cost per student: $100-145

Level: beginner ages 13 and up

Supplies: All supplies are included in your registration fee.  Classes will be held in the downstairs art room.

Tuesdays Beginner Drawing starting April 18th: This class explores drawing techniques and concepts.  You will also discuss the various tools to create illustrations, caricatures, portraits and landscapes in various mediums.  Students will learn the basic skills of drawing and apply them with practice.  Students will improve their skills in close observation, discipline, visual sensitivity, patience and hand-eye coordination.

Wednesdays Beginner Acrylic starting April 19th: This class will cover and introduction to the fundamentals of acrylic painting.  Exploration of the methodologies through a variety of subjects including imagination, still life, landscape and others.  You will discuss design and composition and learn about tools and their use.

Thursdays Beginner Watercolor starting April 20th: This class is an introduction to the fundamentals of watercolor painting and an exploration of the tools used for creating watercolor paintings. This class will also cover different techniques, design and composition.

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