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Learn to Paint Your Pet
with Susan Sterle

Instructor: Susan Sterle
Date:  Saturday, September 10

Time: 9:00 AM-5:00 pm

Ages: 15 and up, Under 18 with an adult

Cost: $175 lunch will provided

Level: All levels of adult painters are welcome, but a prerequisite knowledge of paint mediums and drawing skills will be helpful.

Susan Sterle has been painting and drawing for more than 30 years. She loves to paint animals and bring them to life on canvas! In this workshop, the student becomes the photographer and the artist to create an expressive painting! Students will learn the basics of drawing and painting and also have fun using what they learn to paint their own pet! Susan’s main painting medium is oil paint and so that will be the focus but students can paint in oil, acrylic, watercolor, or gouache. After participating in the workshop students will take away important basic skills that will help them draw and paint any subject.

Bring to class:
-An 8x10-inch print of your pet.
-Bring any of your supplies for the medium you prefer acrylic, oil, gouache, or watercolor

-An 11X14 Canvas will be provided
-You are welcome to bring in other surfaces: Canvas boards, stretched canvas, watercolor paper

Please email if you have any questions on the supply list

Creating a pet portrait that is expressive and powerful starts with a great photo. Your first activity is to learn how to take a great digital photo of your pet, and then transfer that digital photo to an 8x10 print that you can bring to class to paint.

Start out taking a photo of your pet with your phone or digital camera. In this workshop we will focus on your pet’s face. Get down at your pet’s eye level and take the photo outside in morning or evening light. You may have to take 30 to 100 photos to get the perfect shot, but don’t give up. Animals have a short attention span and you may have to do two or three short photo sessions at different times of day. After taking a number of photos, go through them and choose the top 10, place the reject photos in a folder and then from the top ten photos, pick the photo that captures the best expression and personality of your pet. The photo should elicit some kind of emotion in you, happiness, sadness, joy. This emotion will help you create an expressive portrait. In addition, your painting will be more powerful if you make sure your photo has a good composition and lighting. Don’t worry if it’s not perfect, just do your best, going through the process is about learning from what we do. We will discuss composition and value in the workshop.

Students can also choose a photo taken of a pet that has passed away. Please make sure you choose a photo that has the same elements as discussed above.

After you get that perfect photo, you will want to make an 8x10 inch print of the digital image. I suggest using Walgreens. You can conveniently upload your photo from your phone at the pharmacy or use their website to process your photo. The turn-around time is very fast. Please bring your 8x10-inch print with you on the day of the workshop. You will be painting from your photograph.

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Earth and Sky:
Painting Landscapes
with Melanie Stokes

Instructor: Melanie Stokes
Date: October 1st, 2022

Time: 9:00 AM-4:00 pm

Ages: 16 and up

Cost: $175 lunch will be provided

Level: All levels of adult painters are welcome, but a prerequisite knowledge of paint mediums and drawing skills will be helpful.

A one day workshop to develop techniques for expressing mood, time and place in a landscape. Composition, atmospheric perspective, value and color will be discussed as students plan and produce a landscape painting. The instructor will be using oil paint, however, acrylic and watercolor are welcomed, if preferred. A list of recommended supplies will be provided.

For bio info see:

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Encaustic Painting Level 2
with Carolyn Todd

Instructor: Carolyn Todd
Date: Saturday, November 12

Time: 9:00 AM-4:00 pm

Ages: 18 and up

Cost: $175  includes all supplies and lunch will be provided

Level: All levels of adult painters are welcome, but a prerequisite knowledge of encaustic painting skills will be helpful.

A one day workshop to further explore encaustic painting techniques with Carolyn Todd.  If you have taken the prior session, feel free to bring any of your encaustic paints.  All supplies will be provided by the instructor.

Encaustic painting is created using heat guns and melted oil paint cakes that include bees wax and Damar resin.   This technique dates back to prehistoric paintings in many caves around the world, including North American sites. Artists such as Jasper Johns, Karl Zerbe, and Robert Rauschenberg modernized encaustic painting with pop themes and massive collages.

The class will include new opportunities to experience encaustic layering and collage. Small objects for collage will

be provided or students can bring a small object or two. Objects need to be small: less that 2" and preferably

flat or with a depth of 1" or less. Photographs, cards, small metal or glass objects can work.


Any questions - please email Lindsay

Please register by October 25th so that paint supplies may be ordered in time.