Current Exhibits at the CAC 

Opening Reception November 7th, 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.

Exhibition dates:  November 7, 2020, through December 13, 2020

Carabasi Gallery:

1958 Christmas Revisited:  CAC Begins

This year the Cultural Activities Center invites you to remember the year that the CAC was created.   Looking back into the history of the center, the visual and performing arts of the community have grown with the dedication of volunteers and staff members of the CAC.  Thousands of children learned of exotic places around the world through exposure to the art and customs of different countries.  Through crafting bracelets, singing and moving to music and painting or reading a map, these children learned about diversity as well as similarities to their own culture and lifestyles.   Recent programming added concerts with music from classics to Texas roadhouse favorites.  

The celebration is commemorated with hand-made ornaments from local artists available for purchase highlighted with a version of trim for the season circa 1958.  100% of the sales proceeds from the sale of the ornaments will support the children's art programming at the CAC for 2021.   Each ornament is unique.   Contributions for the purchase of the ornaments will count toward the goal of raising $10,000.00 for the DAY OF GIVING.

Celebrate the season with a donation of $58, $158, $558 or even $1958 to allow the Cultural Activities Center to continue to provide visual and performing art entertainment for the community.  Stop by the gallery and purchase your ornament during business hours, anytime between November 7 and December 16.   'Tis the season of gratitude and we appreciate your support.


A Salute to Veterans' Artistic Creations

This collection of works from local artists who are also artists explores the pain and recovery of members of our military after their service to this country.   Each artist's work exposes the range of emotions experienced from loss and the satisfaction and fulfillment found their artistic expression.   This unique and wonderful exhibit is shared with the public in honor of not only their service but the many who served by their sides.  

During the course of this exhibit, the Cultural Activities Center will highlight some of the agencies available for service and support to Veterans including Help Heal Veterans.   Visual and performing arts play an integral part in these artists' recovery from the emotional and physical wounds brought home from a combat zone.  

I hope you will make every effort to come visit.

Saulsbury Gallery:

OVERVIEW: Landscapes from above

From a bird's eye view or through an airplane window, you will see the works of Regina Allen as she interprets the view from above.  Literally, she captures the OVERVIEW available only from above.  She translates the scenes seen from above into below abstracts of color and depth.   You will never see the sights from above in quite the same way again.  

McCreary Gallery:

Simply put it's a question of whether to 

"Believe it or not...."

Often the existence of a mythical creature is based in fact, faith or folklore and legend.   Artists interpret the natural occurrences and the creations of stories told for generations.   Your beliefs and others are often based on the stories from old as passed down through literature or perhaps just the words and pictures of a specific culture.   See this exhibit as artists' interpretations and explorations into the world of beliefs and customs of many.

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