Current Exhibits at the CAC 
Next Opening Reception: September 18th, 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.
The CAC is fully open and ready to share art, music and classes for young and old.

When visiting the facility, you are urged to wear a mask and socially distance yourself when possible.  We appreicate your cooperation.

However, for the comfort of our Guests,
Private Showings may be scheduled by calling the CAC
Current Exhibition dates:  September 9, 2021, through October 31, 2021

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Carabasi Gallery:
Hands-On: Germany

Each year The Contemporaries share the culture, art, music and history of a region of the world with third grade students.   This year the students from several school districts will travel to the Cultural Activities Center to learn about Germany, friendship and more.   The Contemporaries create a script and on-stage experience to showcase a point in history with a lesson for children to carry away.   While at the CAC, children create an art project reflecting the culture and style of the country and will learn a movement or dance that is similar to a folk dance.   At the end of the tour of stops within the CAC, a greater understanding is achieved of a culture far away from Central Texas.   Stop by the galleries at the CAC to learn more.

Kay Griffith
Expressive Color: VIBRATO

Kay Griffith explores movement and tone with colorful expressive abstracts.   Take the time to see the color move through its patterns and harmony as if a orchestrated into a musical performance of paint.   Each piece has a rhythm of its own.   The viewer will find that the paintings express emotion with every stroke.   

Saulsbury Gallery:
A Life Assembled

Artists assembled to share a perspective through combined objects and expression.   Photography, metal, foam, beads, wood and more combined to harness the creative processes of Chad Hines, Wynona Alexander, Sheri Wilson and Nancy Isett.   Found objects put together to express emotions and comment on today's issues of society.   Come visit and see what you take away from experiencing these creative minds through assemblages of the human experience.

McCreary Gallery
Jill Mooney &
Sandy Mancillas

It's about Time

With whimsy for some and expressive color and geometric expression in others, IT'S ABOUT TIME all in glass expressions for clocks.   Creative and colorful time pieces for home decor and expressive moments in time.   Jill and Sandy present a variety of styles in fused glass time pieces.   


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