Current Exhibits at the CAC 

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Due to Concerns regarding the Safety of our Guests

Private Showings may be scheduled by calling the CAC

A reception to celebrate the latest exhibits will be scheduled

for later in January as allowed by local officials giving consideration to guidelines designed to protect the public.

However, you can still come visit......

Exhibition dates:  January 4, 2021, through February 12, 2021

                             Carabasi Gallery:


Rio Saress's works of acrylics sealed with resin highlight endangered species.   The selections featured in this exhibit include her extraordinary blue marlin and a sailfish and more.   Her technique gives you the feel of the movement and power of each subject with intense colors and subtle wisps of paint.  Ms. Saress travels the world photographing the species she portrays in her works.   Back in her studio she utilizes several mediums to create the movement and life within the paintings.   In September of 2021, the Cultural Activities Center will present a show titled Forces of Nature which will include more of Ms. Saress' work combined with works of art from Crystal Orlando and Kay Griffith.  

Arrange for a time to have a private showing for you or you and guests or just visit any of these exhibits during business hours Monday through Friday or Saturday mornings.


Convergence, by Kay Griffith

Color combined with emotion explodes within you as you gaze at each piece.   Your frame of reference and the artist's converge as you experience the movement of the paint and the textural effects left by the artist's pallet.  Don't miss this opportunity to see an Internationally renowned artist show at the Cultural Activities Center.   Each painting evokes a different reaction as you take the opportunity to see this collection of Kay's works.




Saulsbury Gallery:

To Be Determined

Saulsbury Gallery:

A Salute to Caregivers 

2020 will be remembered as the year of COVID-19.  But by many it is also a year to remember the courage and stamina of those who were on the front lines providing care or service of some kind to those who needed food or healthcare.   Artists such as Lori Lamb were inspired to highlight the gift of caring in a collection of works depicting healthcare providers facing the invisible enemy of COVID-19 head-on.   Inspired by images from social media, she created a collection of paintings that show the dedication and strain for giving all one can give to care for others in these desperate times which healthcare needs were strained to beyond capacity in many areas of the country.   Come read the words from some of the subjects and see how the inspiration progressed from social media to the canvas.

                            McCreary Gallery

                       While in Quarantine...

While in a collection of works of art created by local artists since quarantined in March of 2020.   As the Governor responded with guidelines for social distancing in response to a national crisis as a result of COVID-19, local artists created images in a variety of mediums.   This collection is a representative sample of work by members of the Central Texas Art League, a member group of the Cultural Activities Center.   Their inspiration and response to the pandemic is expressed in a variety of works that might inspire you on an artistic journey of your own.   Read more about the Central Texas Art League and come join the group for a meeting.   The members include professional artists, teachers and hobbyists.   Just come join the fun at the CAC!  Certainly one should come see the exhibit and see the work. 

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