Current Exhibits at the CAC 

Opening Reception August 29th, 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.

Exhibition dates:  August 29, 2020 through November 3, 2020

Polynesian impressions: Moai, Maori and More

Curated by Cynthia Castillo

Hands-On is a long-standing educational and cultural program designed and coordinated by the Contemporaries.   This program promotes the mission of the Cultural Activities Center by focusing on a specific part of the world each year bringing home to local school children the culture including music, art and literature of the country.   While the current environment with social distancing offers some challenges, the Cultural Activities Center and The Contemporaries are taking Polynesia to local third graders.  The program will be converted to streaming videos highlighting the diverse cultures that make up the Polynesian Islands spanning the Pacific from New Zealand to Hawaii.   Local artists have contributed to the efforts by translating the artistic styles into some contemporary pieces on exhibit in Carabasi along with some pieces from the CAC permanent collection that fit the style.   

This annual program designed by the The Contemporaries is a great example of how the CAC meets it mission of outreach into the community.  The curriculum is focused on enhancement of the curriculum in the third grade classrooms across multiple school districts and private schools.   Each year, children are mesmerized by what they learn and what they create as part of this program.    

Come enjoy the artwork of local artists and learn how you can join in the efforts to teach and explore the culture of a region of the world every year.    Visit the Contemporaries' page under "Member groups" to learn more about what that group does to support the CAC and the youth in this community.   

All Souls Spectacular (Day of the Dead)

Curated by Angela Mowery

There is an Italian painting by Masaccio over an altar in Florence that represents the Holy Trinity with the Virgin and Saint John and donors. Underneath the portrait is death entombed. Above the skeleton are the words, “ What I once was, you are and what I am, you will also be.” Yep, we will all be worm food.


Most cultures have provisions to remember the dead. All Souls Day is a Roman Catholic holiday influenced by numerous cultures, procured by others- altered and made their own. The ancients believed that the 3 days after October 30 were the closest the living could come to the dead.

The idea behind this show was to celebrate the dead. Remember our ancestors through art and in happiness. Many media are incorporated in this exhibit. Diverse backgrounds and beliefs are represented through painting, ceramics, jewelry, mosaics and glass. Group shows are a study in mereology. The different parts make up a unique whole. This show gives an array of artists the opportunity to have their voices heard on the same topic. The purpose of art is to ask questions; while the artist’s job is to answer them. The show addresses the amorphous belief in the afterlife while lauding the people we love. The exhibition explores numerous emotions: joy, sadness, optimism, hubris,and appreciation.

A Reflection of Salado Art

Curated by Jill Shipman on behalf of 

The Salado Cultural Arts District

From pencil to bronze and oil paintings to acrylics there is something for everyone.   Salado Cultural Arts District encompasses a variety of galleries within the village of Salado.  This exhibit presents a variety of works by members of the district with diverse styles.  Come the see the works from these artists and you are sure to find something that needs to come your way.

Lotus Love Song & Oasis

by Kil Cha Gullickson

  Lotus flowers do not get stained by the dust that blooms in the mud, also the scent and clear energy are nothing compared. It is said to resemble the teachings of Buddha. 

  I want to keep strong and express the heart of the lotus, that retains its bright nature, no matter where it is connected. My paintings are a longing about Korean family and culture. I like the colorful Impressionism and Korean traditional color as Obang Sang (the 5 directional colors of Red, Yellow, White, Blue and Black). I used Acrylic, Oil, Mix Media and Obang Sang in the transparent state, where the greed is apathetic, the lotus flower is painted using Obang Sang technique (5 colors).

  It is not an imitation of nature, but a creation that creates a world of imagination so that a backside illusion is created.

I effort to express the Obang Sang (5 colors) that create and change all things in Eastern Philosophy. My collection is the color of the Dan Chang pattern on the Korean Temple and Korean traditional colors as Obang Sang.  In addition, I have learned the lesson, that those who stay by my side should be happy, confident, wise and merciful and free at all times, and learn from the magnificence appearance of the lotus bloom and closes.

  I wish a happy life, when you feel the Lotus Love Song and an Oasis in your hearts, for all the audience, and the fragrance of the lotus spread throughout. 

  When you feel the Lotus Love Song and Oasis, you can see the scent!


Kil Cha Gullickson

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