A Moby Dick Experience

By: Hershall Seals 

Central Texas Art League

Trish Alger

Roger Sadler A Retrospective

Inspired by the Masters and Sacred Planet

By: Jane Dunnewold

The Sacred Planet Series was inspired by a set of photographs taken in the Perth Natural History Museum. The reflections from the glass cases lent an eerie quality to the pictures as if the inhabitants of the cases were literally vanishing into thin air. Panels are collages of digitally printed fabrics, dyed and overprinted with map and weather imagery–a comment on our human effort to organize and mechanize the natural world.

Inspired by the Masters

By: Jane Dunnewold

The initial inspiration for this work was paintings by Henri Matisse, which I saw as part of a traveling exhibition. The vibrant colors and wild layers of pattern grabbed me and wouldn’t let me go. In the space of an afternoon, my quiet palette flew
out the window and color vibrated in my head. My goal is to honor the Master artists (male and female) who inspire me; as well as the makers of the hand-stitched embroideries I incorporate into my work.

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