Summer Camps

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Kids in Art Class


Summer Art Camp

Ceramic Art


Ceramics I (10-12yrs)

Image by HONG LIN


Jedi Engineering with LEGO® Materials

Chemistry Students


Mad Science

Jewelry Design


Jewelry Making

Image by Eric & Niklas


Transportation Engineering using LEGO®

Sewing Studio


Hand Sewing

Crochet Hook


Crochet for Beginners



The Snow Queen by Missoula Children’s Theater

Researching and Writing

Creative Writing, Session I



Ceramics II

Image by Fran .


Intro to STEM, using LEGO®

Guitar Close Up


Rhythm Guitar

Person Drawing Anime Sketch


Drawing for fun

Image by Jelleke Vanooteghem


Bash’em Bots using LEGO® Materials

Halloween Pumpkin


Halloween in July

Paper Craft


Craft at the CAC 

Painting Pottery


Ceramics I (6-9 yrs)

Hand Writing


Creative Writing, Session II

Actors Rehearsing


Behind the Scenes

A Musician Playing Bass Guitar


Bass Guitar

camp aamp'd.png



Fashion Design Models


Fashion Design Camp



Hand Drawn Cartooning



3D mixed media