Summer Camps, Classes, and Workshops

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Get AAMP’d at the Academy of Art, Music, Performance and Dance camp. Learn about the music business and get ready for the stage. Participants will show off what they learned during the showcase on the last day of camp.

Instructor: Jamelle Houston and friends

Ages: 7-18

Dates: 7/19 – 7/23

Time: 8AM – 5PM

Cost: $75

Cartoon Dog

Hand Drawn Cartoning

Short carton experiments on paper. We will create a flip book, design characters, doodle and tell stories with words and illustrations. Super Heroes, aliens and raccoons welcome.


Sketchbook required

Instructor: Angela Mowery

Ages: 9 and up

Dates: 8/2 – 8/6

Time: 11AM – 12:30PM

Cost: $40

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Mad Science

Green glowing liquids, strange objects flying through the air, messages written in secret code, autonomous robots, mystery substances that change from solid to liquid in seconds. Is this another planet? No, it's a Mad Science camp!

Instructor: Mad Science of Austin

Ages: 5 - 12

Dates: 8/2 - 8/6

Time: 2PM – 4:15PM

Cost: $125

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3D Mixed Media

This is every art form about building! Invent with Clay, kinetic art, sculpture, recycled materials. We will also experiment with slime, goop, and edible dyes. Different project every day.

Instructor: Angela Mowery

Ages: 9 and up

Dates: 8/2 – 8/6

Time: 1PM – 2:30PM

Cost: $40

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Drawing for Fun!

Like to sketch? Learn how to draw basic forms to help hone your skill. Sketch over creative backgrounds. Draw outside, sketch a corvette!

Instructor: Angela Mowery

Ages: 9 and up

Dates:  8/2 – 8/6

Time: 9AM – 10:30AM

Cost: $40