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Solar Power

​A grant from Green Mountain Energy Sun Club provided funds to design and construct the CAC's solar array. Part of accepting the grant was to provide an educational tool for the community to help understand the concept of renewable solar energy. Working with Solar CenTex, we were able to combine a functional grid that doubles as a functional shade structure.

The CAC saves approximately $4,000 annually from the addition of the solar pavilion. Click here to see our current solar production


LED Lights

In  2016, the CAC received a foundation grant to help offset the cost of building maintenance and repair. The end goal of the project is to make all lighting in the facility LED. The first course of action was to replace all the high wattage low efficiency lighting in our three galleries. Second, we retrofitted all office and class room lighting, that is over 400 tubes. Most recently we were able to purchase and install color agile stage lighting to replace obsolete theater lighting. There are two areas yet to convert but that will happen soon.  

Heating boiler

Geothermal Heating & Cooling

The CAC uses geothermal heating and cooling systems which circulate water or other liquids to pull heat from the Earth through pipes in a continuous loop through a heat pump and conventional duct system. For cooling, the process is reversed; the system extracts heat from the building and moves it back into the Earth loop.  The loop system can be used almost everywhere in the world at depths below 10 ft to 300 ft.  GHPs are used in all 50 states and are over 45% more energy efficient than standard heating and cooling system options.

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