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“Hands On” is a program created, funded and implemented by The Contemporaries of CAC as a multidisciplinary field trip for third grade students learning  about the culture of different times, people and places.  Each two hour session is divided into four 25 minute segments.  For many of the more than 2,400 students who attend, Hands-On is their first and perhaps only interactive experience with theater and an art gallery plus a chance to learn about the world beyond their community. Because the Contemporaries realize the importance of a meaningful learning experience,  all the activities and information are carefully designed to support classroom objectives and state standards.

When Covid-19's social distancing threatened the viability of the traditional format of this program, The Contemporaries took the program virtual.  Using the same division of time segments with projects and messaging about a specific culture, the program streamed into classrooms across Central Texas as teachers coordinated the programming into the curriculum.   Students in some schools had a virtual field trip to the Cultural Activities Center to learn about culture, art and music from the Polynesian Islands.   

Welcome to Hands On ....

Soon you will see the programming for 2023:  Hands On Egypt

The Contemporaries will lead third-grade students through the culture, art and architecture of Egypt.  Each scheduled day will include an exploration of unique and wonderful artworks and artifacts as students discover the far away land can be experienced up close at the Cultural Activities Center.  This program generally runs from mid-September into mid-October.

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Art  - pdf / doc

Gallery - pdf / doc

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Theater - pdf / doc

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